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How can I care for my lawn in the fall?


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  • Darren Neiman

    I really enjoyed your article on How I can care for my lawn in the fall. I live in Alberta Canada where prepping for winter comes quick, as we have a short but beautiful summer. There seems to be a biased opinion of seeding in the fall. Most people believe that seeding is a "spring" thing.

    Your article helps explain this in more of a technical way rather than just opinion, of which we have enough of up north. 

    I just signed up as well as I'm always looking for some good help in technical, but down to earth resources. I'm part of a local business myself, and just started my own blog on the side which discusses the pros and cons of leaving your clippings on the lawn (mostly pros). I hadn't got that far when I stumbled across this article first.  

    I will continue by searching for your information, and perhaps I can share with you how life is up north in dealing with lawn care if that is an interest to you. 

    Either way thanks and I hope we can keep in touch.




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