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What does "split applications" for Prodiamine pre-emergent mean?


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  • David Rosas

    I’m in Austin. I applied Prodiamine on February 17th. I may have been a week or two late because temps shot up early February. Now it’s is March and it has stayed warm minus a few cold days here and there. I’m wondering if I should throw down another app of prodiamine because it’s staying consistently warm now everything is in bloom and I think I’m at the second temp window BUT it has only been a month and two weeks since I threw down the first prodiamine app and I was wondering are the two apps too close to each other? Also if Prodiamine is supposed to protect my lawn for several months why is there a need for a second app at all? I got Lessco pre-emergent granular Prodiamine and I believe the bag says it lasts for 6 months so I am a bit confused. According to your you tube videos the second app should be at 65-70 degrees but is that traditionally so close in time or is our climate here in Austin just an a typical situation where the temps warm up faster and so should I wait so the second app isn’t so soon in time to my first?


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